Malawi APPG

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The Scotland Malawi Partnership is delighted to offer Secretariat support for the UK Parliament's All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Malawi.

The Malawi APPG exists to promote understanding and awareness among parliamentarians, positive relations between our countries, and provide a forum for discussion on relevant issues affecting politics, society, culture and the economy in Malawi.

It brings together MPs and Peers from across the UK with a particular interest in UK-Malawi relations.


The Group was founded on the 29th November 2017 with the following office bearers elected:


Chair & Registered Contact

Patrick Grady MP, SNP


Hon. President

Lord McConnell of Glenscorrodale, Labour


Co-Vice Chairs

Ross Thomson MP, Conservatives

Hugh Gaffney MP,  Labour

Christine Jardine MP, Liberal Dems

Jim Shannon MP,  DUP



Kirstene Hair MP, Conservatives



David Linden MP, SNP


Minutes: 29th November 2017 Malawi APPG Annual General Meeting >>


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Meeting with the President of Malawi

We were delighted to welcome the President of Malawi to the latest meeting of the UK Parliament's Malawi All-Party Parliamentary Group on Tuesday 17th April 2018. 

The Group were addressed by The President who spoke warmly of the links with the UK and Scotland and our shared efforts to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.



Members and supporters of the Malawi APPG include (inter alia)




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