Malawi Food Crisis Update: Match Funding Achieved

4 Jan 2017

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Update - 4th January

We're pleased to report that all four NGO's - Christian Aid, EMMS International, Oxfam Scotland and SCIAF, have all achieved their match-funding targets.

Many thanks to the public, partners, stakeholders and the Scottish Government for their support during this challenging time for Malawi.

Sadly, due to the devastating floods and then droughts, Malawi will continue to face one of its worst famines of all time. We encourage members to continue to donate to support this food crisis.


More than six and a half million are currently hit by food insecurity in Malawi at present.

Scotland stands shoulder-to-shoulder with our friends in Malawi at this crucial time.

We applaud both the Scottish and the UK Government, who have been quick to respond to this crisis.

The UK Government announced an additional £8.1m of DFID funding for Malawi during Minister Wharton’s visit to Malawi in November, totaling £43.1m of support so far.

In addition, the Scottish Government has made its own significant contribution to support Scotland’s response to the crises through its match funding of donations to four of our NGO members: EMMS, Christian Aid Scotland, Oxfam Scotland and SCIAF.

The match funding for the Oxfam campaign is live until the 31st December 2016, so we encourage all members, partners and supporters to dig deep this Christmas to ensure we have maximum possible impact in Malawi.  Every pound donated to the Oxfam campaign this December will be doubled by the Scottish Government.  CLICK HERE to donate.

The excellent campaigns run by EMMS, Christian Aid Scotland and SCIAF are also continuing and we encourage our members to continue to support these campaigns.

The Scotland Malawi Partnership will continue to support and promote each of our members’ food security campaigns, and help coordinate activities between Scotland and Malawi however we can.  For the latest updates on the situation in Malawi, we recommend members use Relief Web which has regular situation reports from government and major NGOs.  CLICK HERE for briefings.

Fund-raising Campaign Updates, 1st December 2016:


EMMS reached its match funding target early thanks to generous giving across Scotland.  These funds have helped feed 100 households in central Malawi and have provided grain silos in central and northern Malawi.  In the Mulanje Mission Hospital catchment area EMMS have fed: 400 prisoners; 60 elderly people; 200 people living with HIV and AIDS; 30 disabled people; 300 palliative care patients; and 450 orphans.

While the match funding has ended, the EMMS campaign continues.  EMMS have achieved an incredible amount but there is much still to be done.  All donations will go to support those around Mulanje Mission Hospital, especially prisoners, the elderly, those with HIV and AIDS, those with disabilities, palliative care patients, and 450 orphans.

CLICK HERE to donate to EMMS campaign

Christian Aid:

Christian Aid match funding ended on the 30th November after an extremely successful campaign. They have released an initial £70,000 of emergency funds to support 1,000 families in Nsanje – one of the poorest regions of Malawi. This is helping families pay for water, meals and other essential supplies at this desperate time.

Through the Scottish Government’s Climate Justice Fund, Christian Aid has provided farmers in Nsanje with solar-powered irrigation schemes to combat the effects of climate change. However, the present food crisis is jeopardising much of this good progress, leaving communities more vulnerable than ever. Hunger today is starving Malawi of its tomorrow. 

Although match funding has ended the Christian Aid campaign continues.

CLICK HERE to donate to the Christian Aid campaign.


Between 25th July and 31st October the SCIAF raised £140,000 for the Malawi food crisis appeal, this was doubled by the Scottish Government to generate £280,000.

SCIAF is working with their local partner the Catholic Development Commission in Malawi (CADECOM) to provide food supplies to 4,000 households in Karonga, Rumphi, Kasungu, Ntcheu, Balaka, Zomba, Phalombe and Nsanje. Each household is receiving: 50kgs of maize, 5kgs of pulses and 1 litre of cooking oil. Households containing children up to 36 months, or pregnant woman, are also receiving individual rations of corn soya blend.

Households are also being assisted to increase their agricultural production, receiving training from field officers on sustainable agriculture methods and receiving vegetable seed packs.

You can still donate to this campaign although match funding has ended.

CLICK HERE to donate to the SCIAF campaign.


Oxfam match funding runs until 31 December 2016, so please do continue to donate generously.

Oxfam is providing emergency food support, life-saving water and assistance to help farmers recover their livelihoods.

Oxfam aims to reach 650,000 people across five districts in Malawi with lifesaving humanitarian aid, as well as long term support to build resilience against future shocks.

The campaign will continue even after the match funding ends on the 31st December 2016.

CLICK HERE to donate to the OXFAM campaign, and have your donation doubled.