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First Aid Africa provides access to life-saving emergency first aid education in communities where access to pre-hospital medical facilities is unavailable. First Aid Africa believes that access to the simple yet life-saving knowledge of first aid should be available to everyone regardless of age, gender, race, religion or social status.

Our mission is to provide as many people as possible with the knowledge, skills and equipment to respond in an emergency, and ultimately, save or improve a patient's quality of life. In order to fulfill our mission, we cover five main activities:

1)Provide opportunities for first aid education in learning centres, religious institutions, public institutions and to the general public

2) Provide and encourage access to first aid equipment

3)Enable links and networking between individuals, institutions, communities and
organisations in respect to furthering first aid education

4)Cultivate an awareness of first aid

5)Promote programmes that will increase awareness in conditions affecting a persons health
especially where, if first aid is administered, it will save lives.

We also pursue the ideal that shared-learning is the most efficient form of educational development. Rather than giving out second hand, out of date first aid manuals or creating a reliance on foreign equipment imports, we create partnerships between European based First Aid instructors and their African counterparts to create realistic sustainable projects in the areas we work with. Specifically in Malawi we have created free teaching resources in line with the recommendations of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) with translations into Chihewa and chiTumbuka (in the North). We have recently concentrated on providing educational information on the creation of locally sustainable affordable equipment and are sending our second expedition of trained volunteers to the country in 2011. For more information email info(at)

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