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The Plan Vivo Foundation provides certification for community-led land-use projects in developing countries. Projects support communities to improve their livelihoods, reduce poverty and conserve and restore local ecosystems. Plan Vivo activities can include: afforestation and reforestation, agroforestry, forest restoration, forest conservation and other land-use activities. Plan Vivo projects are funded through the sale of Plan Vivo Certificates. One Certificate represents the long-term sequestration or reduction of one tonne of CO2 plus local ecosystem and poverty reduction benefits. Plan Vivo Certificates are issued by the Plan Vivo Foundation, a Scottish charity with legally defined charitable objectives. ,,The Trees of Hope project in Malawi, coordinated by the Clinton Development Initiative, has recently been registered under the Plan Vivo Standard. The project currently engages over 1200 small holder famers, over 500 ha of land, in agroforestry and afforestation in the Dowa and Neno districts. The main objectives of the project are to: address deforestation trends in Malawi (currently 2.5 pa); to support sustainable rural livelihoods through diversification of income; climate change adaptation for smallholder farmers; promote biodiversity (through the planting of native and naturalised species) and support other environmental services e.g. conservation of soil and water resources. The Plan Vivo Foundation has recently issued 20,000 Plan Vivo Certificates onto the voluntary carbon market. The sale of these Certificates is vital to the future growth and success of the project. ,

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