Funding news

We will keep this page updated with current funding opportunities for work in Malawi.

UK Aid Direct supports civil society organisations working on sustained poverty reduction in marginalised and vulnerable communities.

The window for online applications for the UK Aid Direct is now open and will close on 31 January 2017. For more information CLICK HERE. 


SPHEIR funding is focused on partnerships – a formal collaboration among a group of organisations that can address higher education issues in ways, and at a scale, that a single organisation cannot. SPHEIR partnerships can include organisations from across the higher education, private, government and civil society sectors. 

Call for applications is currently open. For more information CLICK HERE. 

Comic Relief and the Scottish Goverment- "Levelling the Field"

Comic Relief and the Scottish Government have formed a partnership to launch the “Levelling the Field” initiative to use the power of sport to enable and inspire women and girls to reach their full potential.

The call for applications is between 5th January 2017 and midday 16th March 2017. For more information CLICK HERE. 

There are a number of DFID funds available for work in Malawi. Click here for more information.

Wellcome Trust International Funding

We offer a wide variety of funding schemes to support individual researchers, teams, resources, seed ideas and places. We also fund major initiatives in areas which are strategically important, by invitation, but we welcome the opportunity to discuss ideas which might fit with our strategic priorities.

We make small grants, normally up to £1,000 to any one organisation in any one year, for a variety of projects in Malawi where we believe our contribution can make a difference. Grants are usually oriented toward social, educational and healthcare projects but we will consider any project that will improve the welfare of Malawians or further the objectives of the Association.

Job Creation Revolving Loan Fund (JCRLF) in Malawi

Seeds of Opportunity and Northern Alliance Finance Corporation Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of the Job Creation Revolving Loan Fund (JCRLF). The JCRLF is a credit facility open to individuals and institutions that require loans and funding for new or existing activities that can simultaneously create jobs and improve community or national climate change mitigation and adaptation in Malawi. Applicants to the JCRLF will receive concessionary credit in the form of repayable grants or low interest loans. Applications can be made at any time and the selection of loans will be made on an on-going basis.

For more information and application forms, please email Dumisani Chirambo at

The Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation

Major Grants
The major grants programme awards grants in excess of £5,000. The Foundation is unfortunately unable to accept unsolicited requests for the major grants programme.

Small Grants
The small grants programme awards grants to a maximum value of £5,000. The average award is £1,500.

The Joffe Charitable Trust

The Joffe Charitable Trust (set up by Joel and Vanetta Joffe in 1968) supports development in the developing world, primarily in anglophone sub Saharan Africa.

Global Innovation Fund

GIF welcomes applicants to propose innovative, cost-effective solutions that address any major development challenge in any country (or in multiple countries) in the developing world.