2017 Member Awards

We’re excited to launch our 2017 Member Awards programme and invite all our members to consider entering this fun competition.


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This year, our Member Awards programme is structured around our 11 Partnership Principles


Planning and implementing together


Respect, trust and mutual understanding

Transparency and accountability

No-one left behind




Do no Harm




What do you have to do?


We’re inviting all our members to enter the awards by creating a short video, structured around one of the 11 Partnership Principles.

Videos should be fun and engaging, they should inspire and encourage active reflection. 

We hope that as well as telling us about your own partnership with Malawi, videos will also share experience and learning relating to one of the 11 principles

Perhaps your link has an inspiring story tell on “planning and implementing together”, perhaps you’ve had useful learning on “transparency and accountability”, perhaps you’ve got something to say on “sustainability” or are an expert on “No one left behind”.

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How to enter




Step 1: Create your video!

Step 2: Fill in this entry form >>

Step 3: Send your video via Dropbox or Wetransfer.com to Jackie

The deadline for entries is 9am 30th August 2017.




How long should the videos be?

All videos should be between 1 minute and 3 minutes in length. Check out our "video tips" here >>


What format should my video be in?

The preferred format for videos is .mp4. We will also accept .mov video files. If you are unsure please email Jackie.


When will winners be announced?

We’ll be awarding multiple Member Awards at our 30th September AGM, with scoring by a special panel of Malawians and Scots, informed by a public vote (most number of views).


What will you win?

Winners will receive a carved trophy from Malawi and a hamper of Malawian goods at the AGM.  We may also have a few special surprises on the day! 


I'd like to enter the competition but I'm unsure how to make a video.

If you'd like help with your video please get in touch with our Media and Communications Officer, Jackie.


Is there any guidelines I should adhere to when making my video?

Please make sure you have permission of all people (especially children) who feature in your video. See NSPCC Guidelines  or the Child Rights International Network for details.


You must own copyright on any audio accompanying your video. Even if you give a credit in video description to an original right holder, it doesn’t mean you don’t infringe the copyright. YouTube has a strict copyright policy. Please check it, so your video will not be disqualified from the competition.


Please make it clear in the video which Partnership Principle(s) you are illustrating. All content must follow the values and ethos of the Scotland Malawi Partnership.


Where can I find the online entry form?

Please make sure you fill out the online entry form here.